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What products does ListingLogic offer?

ListingLogic offers smart suite of optimised products for Facebook, Instagram and google Display network

Digital marketing is not one-size-fits-all. ListingLogic products are designed to suite your needs and are completely automated to target the right audience, at right time and at right place. Campaigns are optimised using industry best practices to effectively utilise your marketing budget to get you best placements and ROI. Your dashboard is created with pre-build on-brand templates, reducing cost of engaging an advertising agency. 

Dynamic Property Ads

Always-on, automated product catalogue, personalised to what interests your audience. Use Dynamic Property Ads to remind targeted audiences about properties they’ve viewed on your website and to showcase others they’ll love based on their interest

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Listing Maximiser

Showcase your listings to high-intent audience. Find right-fit clients and build custom audiences for remarketing. You can opt for image, video or carousel ads to suite your needs. Range of campaign duration options to choose from

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Brand Maximiser

Build your presence with potential clients through personal brand campaigns that are always-on. Campaigns are personalised to you and your objectives

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Promote your brand with every property sold. Instantly leverage the brand promotion opportunity from every sale with Auto-sold automated campaigns. Celebrate your team’s successes and showcase your brand as an expert market leader. Be the agency of choice for buyers, sellers and agents

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