Order a listing campaign using VaultRE

ListingLogic integrates with a range of business software, such as VaultRE, making it seamless to order, manage and report on campaigns through a single platform.

Watch the video to find out more. There is also a step-by-step guide below.



On your VaultRE account, select the property you'd like to create a listing campaign for with Be Seen (powered by ListingLogic).

Click "Other" 

Click "Be Seen"

An order form will automatically pop up, which you will need to fill out.

Distribution: Select which platforms you would like your listings to be featured on (such as Facebook, Instagram and Google).

Campaign Type: Select from 'Image', 'Video' or 'Single listing carousel'. Each different campaign type optimises your ads differently and will deliver different results to your campaign.

Campaign Duration: Select the duration of your campaign. 

Product: Select the correct product and budget.

Add on: Select an add-on to your campaign if you wish to use.

Start Date: Select when you would like the campaign to start.

Instructions: Let us know if you have any special instructions to pass on to our team (Target area, age demographics etc)

Further support get in touch with our team at sales@listinglogic.com