Order a social media campaign through Propertysuite

ListingLogic integrates with a range of business software, like Propertysuite, making it seamless to order, manage and report on campaigns through a single platform.

Step 1: Select product

In your Propertysuite account, select the quote you would like to order a campaign for.

Select 'Single Item' and from the drop-down choose "Websites - Social Media" 

Step 2: Select bookable item

Choose the appropriate product from the drop down menu. For ListingLogic products you may choose from 'Property', 'Residential', 'Lifestyle' and 'Rural'

Example - "Property Amplify - Facebook & Instagram 14 Day Campaign"

Step 3: Select date

Select the date you would like the campaign to start

Step 4: Click save

Ordering page:

Follow the steps below to fill out the order form:


  • Date -  Start date of the campaign

Product: Choose the product and duration of the campaign from the drop down menu

  • Product - "Website - Social Media"
  • Product option - From the options in the drop down menu, select the same campaign-type chosen earlier in the "select bookable item" menu. 
    For example -  "Property Amplify - Facebook 14 Days".
  • Description - Property Amplify - <Product type>

Website control

  • Web Control or Feature (Optional) - ListingLogic - <Product type>


  • Supplier - "Listing Logic Limited"
  • Order variation - Choose your ad format from "video", "carousel" or "single image"
    For example: "Design - Video"
  • You can also choose from a range of optional add-ons you may want to include in your campaign


Once done, click 'Save & Close'




For further support get in touch with our team at sales@listinglogic.com