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How to order a Contact Capture (Lead-Gen) campaign

Contact Capture (Lead-Gen) is designed to provide an opportunity for finding more connections in your marketplace to build relationships with and grow your pipeline.  

  • Log in to your ListingLogic dashboard using your login credentials.
  • From your dashboard click on "My Listing" to view all your current listings.
  • Click on your desired property listing, then click "next" to start creating your listing campaign. 

lead gen dashboard 1 c

  • On the product page, select the "Contact Capture Campaign" box to add in Lead-Gen to your campaign.
  • Turn on the "Optimised more settings" button

    lead gen dashboard (3)c

  • Once the product, duration and, budget has been chosen, click "setting" to start customising your campaign.
  • Fill out the Lead-Gen form and add in the listing URL under "Follow Up URL" 
    This URL will redirect your leads to the online listing.

    lead gen dashboard (4)c
  • Complete all the campaign settings field

    lead gen dashboard (5)c
  • On “Target Location” choose and adjust the specific targeting just by clicking and dragging. To choose a locations, click once on a new designated location and a new 10km radius will automatically appear or search by suburb/city on the search bar. Click and drag to adjust.
  • Double click the red icon to remove unwanted targeting.


  • On the "confirmation" page confirm the campaign start date, price and payment option. Accept the terms and conditions and click “submit”.
  • Add in your credit card details for payment option 

    ListingLogic Dashboard c
  • Once done, you will receive a confirmation email and a link to access your report.